Why You Should Make an Employee Feel Welcome on Day One

Posted February 19, 2015 - Revised March 3, 2015

Onboarding a new employee remains one of the most important aspects of the hiring process. Considering the company resources spent on actually finding and choosing the right candidate, it is vital to ensure that every new worker hits the ground running from their first day onwards. A well-considered onboarding process, successfully executed, ensures your organization's operational efficiency remains at its peak – even during a staffing increase.

Still unsure as to why your company needs to make an employee feel welcome on their first day? Let us take a closer look at why this is the policy of top companies all over the business world.

The First Day can be Tough for a New Hire

Consider that a new hire is probably nervous on their first day. Welcome that employee with a note from the president of your firm that details your organization's philosophy; have them spend some time with HR going over policies and procedures, and finally they can meet with their manager and fellow team members.

In short, it is important to keep them engaged and inspired on their first day in your office. Get them up-to-speed on any software they will be using, in addition to any other equipment that is part of their job description. Having them attend a few project meetings helps to give the new hire a feel for the company's current outlook.

Immerse Them in Your Company Culture

The probationary period for any new hire is also a great time to immerse them in your company's culture and values. Your HR department should already have put together a package – with the president's welcome note – that details what it's like to work in your office. Leverage this opportunity, while they are still coming up-to-speed with their job assignments, so they derive a full understanding of their role within the overall organization.

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