Your Hiring Process Stinks and it’s Scaring Away Good Applicants

Posted June 21, 2013

At Ambassador, we have helped thousands of companies throughout the Southeast with hiring and recruiting strategies. Over the years, we have found that industry-leading companies all have one thing in common—a good hiring process. They are Employers of Choice and are able to attract and secure top talent.

On the flip-side, the companies that are struggling to catch up often have a disjointed staffing and recruiting model. They aren’t able to secure top talent and tend to lag in productivity and innovation.

So what can you do to improve your hiring and recruiting process?

Here are some strategies that many of the world’s leading companies use:

  • Bring in a consultant.
    Oftentimes, it’s difficult to see exactly what’s wrong from the inside. Bringing in a consultant will help you identify recruiting and hiring bottlenecks and help you develop a more strategic recruiting model.
  • Shorten the hiring cycle.
    In many cases, companies lose out on their first-choice candidate because the hiring process took too long.  To prevent your top choice from getting other offers, look for ways to shorten the hiring process.  Using a recruiting firm for initial recruitment and screening will allow you to focus on top-tier candidates and eliminate time wasted on unqualified candidates.
  • Outsource it.
    If HR/hiring is not a core function of what your company offers, why are you investing time and resources to do it internally?  Instead, focus your time and resources on your company’s core objectives and outsource non-core activities.  By partnering with a good recruiting firm you won’t be distracted with the hiring process.  We have found that even internal HR departments enjoy the ability to spend their time vetting top-tier candidates instead of wasting days on unqualified applicants.
  • Cut your application in half.
    Take some time to fill out the application you give to candidates.  If it takes more than 10 minutes, it’s too long and you’re losing applicants!  We have found that many applications ask questions that aren’t relevant to the position and don’t impact hiring decisions.  If this is the case with your application, look for ways to make it more concise and manageable.

At Ambassador, we are dedicated to giving each and every client, and each and every search, the same amount of attention and diligence. We have helped thousands of companies improve their hiring and recruiting models to recruit higher caliber talent.  Whether you’re looking for help screening and vetting candidates, background checks, or you would like to outsource your entire recruiting function, we can help.  Contact Ambassador today.